#Judges, #DA, #AsstDA & #KKKops Why Their Families Need To Start Coming Up Missing (No matter the age or sex)

I don’t give ANY Fucks how you feel about me saying this. You Coon niggas and racist Pigs made me this way and 1 day I AM going to take as many of you to hell with me.
Washtenaw Sheriff Dept. have been waging war on Blacks in this county for over 50 years and just because they have this Uncle Tom Chief Nigger Jerry Clayton things have gotten so much worse. Brian Macky, Brenda Taylor and that Unhonorable racist red face judge Joseph Swartz need to be taken and slowly killed. All my MF life I didnt know that my own uncle who I looked up to would use this same Dept. that harassed him during his youth to ruin my life. They have taken my career, my reputation and my ONLY child. I no longer have anything else to lose and it is far past time these coon nigga KKKops and their racist co workers lose big.

I HATE ALL OF YOU AND YOU NEED TO START HOLDING L’s. Missing wives and kids will soon be the norm within your fucked up ranks and I wil laugh my ass off. 98% of you on the force are either racist, coons, Bitches that want to be men and men that sit to pee because behind closed door YOU ARE BITCHES…”Dicky Williams”, Kevin (Spic) IMG_0814 THIS lying MF took his ENTIRE family to file false PPO papers on me and they gave it to him on a BIG LIE!!! I have not forgotten the 4 times you have raided this home and STOLE everything we had and you low IQ MF’s even stole and tried to used my grandmothers credit card (She didn’t activate it yet) and you simp failed there. I am not the ONLY person that feels like this. You have all kinds of races that are tired of this rouge Sheriff Dept. and really want to see then coming up DEAD.
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