#StartHuntingThemAndTheirs (KKKops, Judges, DA’s, Asst. DA’s & Clerks)


What’s good for the MF goose shall be good for ANY Anti-Black Racist KKKop, Judge, DA & Asst. DA. To be hunted and killed in COLD BLOOD as they have done to so many of MY people. I am at a point in my life where hate must be at the forefront to ALL anti Black racist.

Isis needs to tap into this hopeless anger that many black males that have had their lives changed (not for the better)by this racist stolen country. Any and ALL racist should have their lives forever altered. Burn them out.


No matter the age of sex, they had no problem killing a 12 year old black boy with a BB gun…So I have no problem killing their fucking kids, they will only grow up to be racist like their parents. Just as a side note…4 kids CAN be stuffed inside a 55 gal barrel.


No wonder the sun hates Pinkerton people