I would have been a great test driver

Yesterday I saw 3 camo covered test cars…1 I know was a Ford. I think I would have had a hard time getting a job like that because out of those 3 test drivers not 1 was Black, 2 White males and a Asian. And with me being of no use to ANY company with this record that will follow me to my MF grave sometimes I wish I went to fight in Syria, if I died there at least I would be doing something for the greater good. But how it is now? I am just existing NOT living.

My grandfather knew what I wanted to be and even after his stroke he told me I could do ANYTHING I choose to do…What he and I didn’t know was that ONLY son would turn out to be one of Ypsilanti’s best informants. To bad that dumb MF doesn’t realize Cooning For Capital has no retirement plan. #FeloniesShouldFallOff after a 5 year period of staying out of the reach of the racist law, but I don’t think that would ever happen. But if this country continues to dole out felonies to Blacks? I want to be one of those main Blacks that have been fucked over by this country to overthrow this Double Standard status quo nigger hating stolen country.

I can’t wait for the day to hear That Racist Judge David J. Swartz and Ann Arbor D.A. Brian Macking die slow and full of pain. But wait I can’t forget that ugly and fat thinning blonde hair Asst. D.A. Brenda Taylor, I would personally like to ram a metal rod in her anus until it came out of that bitches mouth. And Ol Cooning Jarry Clayton? I hope he comes home one day to find his wife taking it up the ass by their neighbor who will end up killing Jerry while still fucking his wife up the ass.  Cedric Simpson has cancer so he should be bailing out soon enough.


Hey AmeriKKKa??? Fuck YOU RIGHT UP YOUR ASS!!!!