Whites & Other Anti Black Races made my Hate for them run DEEP.

Of course none of us were born to be racist, biased towards the opposite sex or to target those that don’t look like us. But white People are just born evil and have this power to make other non black races follow their beat and it is getting to the point ADOS Blacks are tired of this fuck shit.

Now that Tim Hall And James McCoy Are Both Dead And Gone I have no reason to trust, befriend or talk to ANY Pinkertons…besides their bitches can’t cook, fuck or suck and the ONLY thing a cave cunt can do for me Now is Let me Hold that credit card.

I think my grandparents did a real distrustful thing moving to the suburban whiteness, tho granddad taught at the college he didn’t figure into the equation what his much darker hued grandson would go through..