Michissippi Dispensaries ARE Flatout RACIST!!! Total Anti ADOS Hiring, Half Breeds ONLY!!!

All my life I have had to take L’s because of the darker hue on my skin. In 2009 I filled out application after application to the newly opening dispensaries in and around Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, By mid 2010 I knew what their game was, only hiring those P.O.C.’s and You and I know that does NOT include foundational Blacks.

The List Below are Local Dispensaries I applied to but ONLY hire Mixed half breeds.

(Sticky Ypsi) 1090 N. Huron River Drive. “No ADOS In Sight” On top of that this place will steal ALL you rewards point from you so they don’t have to honor any freebies or discounts you are owned, on top of that they sell moldy weed. NO GOOD

(Herbal Solutions) 124 West Michigan Ave. “No ADOS In Sight”. I liked this place but they don’t have affordable meds and they don’t hire BLACKS (ADOS), I tried when they first opened…I guess I don’t have the correct complexion for the hiring connection.

(3Rd Coast Mi) 19 N. Hamilton. “No ADOS In Sight”. This place is totally full of shit on the way they treat people and for having cat fur in the buds, WTF? Back when this place first opened you had to pay a $10 member and I was a willing payee of that fee until I got into some legal problems and this place took it upon themselves to discontinue my membership? Even when my legal problems had absolutely nothing to do with them or marijuana.

(Green Vitality) 50 Ecorse Road. “No ADOS but has 1 Half Breed”. I never applied at this place because by late 2010 I was done trying to work for these racist pink MF’s..But NiNi found this place so I said fuck it, she has been picking great meds so far. But today 9/26/2019 we were bluntly passed over in line by that very half breed mixed bitch; so we left.

These places are so quick to take our money but refuse to hire us and with the situation how it is now I am here to tell you BLACK MEN ARE TIRED OF BEING SHUT OUT!!! Sooner than later these places wILL be getting hit left and right, their drop offs WILL be hit and hit hard.