When You’re Betrayed By Blood

ALL my life I have tried to fit in..to be welcomed and liked/loved just on my good merits my Grandfather raised me with. But in this Era of #CooningForCapital I have seen several families torn apart because one family member wants another out of the way by ANY means. So, it’s NOT just my fucked up coonin Family this is a real thing that White racist Police are doing to Blacks ALL over this MF ass backwards Nigger hating country.

I watched cousins in Chicago Rally around one of my Arab/Black (Mut) cousins like a moth to flame. Was it because of his Fair complexion? Or what niggas call “Good Hair”?

I’m tired of you MF’s and your minions..From Chicago to Alabama FUCK ALL Y’all For Real.

Carla, Mona, Ali, Anchor Baby Rocquel & Amanda…I hope you (And Your MexiNigger Kids) ALL die FULL of pain SLOWLY and with maggots in your mouths.