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My only mistake was feeling sorry that Washtenaw Police filled your face (it’s deformed for life) Up. Remember how worried you were going to prison? Who held you down and wrote to your bitch made ass? Who put funds on your books? Who got you your first piece of pussy right out of prison? 5 MF years and you steal and lied on me while I have to do time over a bitch ass Drunkle that acts JUST LIKE YOU.

Over 30 and don’t have a drivers license or a MF car. Can’t save no money because your a drunk fuck that won’t have anything.

But I can tell you that you have so much more to loose that I do so with hat said…If you EVER come near my grandmother or my Aunts I will finish what Washtenaw Sheriff failed to finish.

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Walking joke nigga. Someone was preying for you and your kids nigga. ALL of you could have gone for #TheRide. Fuck your bastard kids