Dear IsIs:

You may or may not know but you have a bumper crop of prospects right here already in this #UnUnitedStatesOfRacist & #DoubleStandards. I WILL give you a run down on how to obtain such people.

“211 Gang (White)” They hate this country just as much as you and would help you for a good sum a CASH.

“Poor White Trash” Those deemed trash by white law enforcement, most are toothless because of heave meth use.

“Arabs” (Americas Bed Bugs) These people have been blowing themselves up and I am such not alot of cash would be needed, offer it anyway tho.

“ADOS/Blacks” We are just tired of white people as a whole and want to be left alone but police, DA’s, Judges and the like won’t allow this. Hell this MF country has taken too much from me to the point is IsIs offered me a kool 2 million I’d wear a bomb vest. No problem. img_0849-2