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How many more have to die before my people wake up and raises this “Stolen” misguided country to the ground? The Jew and The Pink Vermins have fucked this country (And My People) UP in order to keep their gains? Really?

How many more male kids will have to be dressed in a dress by their “White” racist teacher before my people instantly act and cause these gutter race people PERMANENT harm?


Hilter’s failure to kill Jews off have made it too easy for them to regain such a power that even the Pink cracKKKa’s fear them and their women for some odd reason. Any way you look at it both these “White” groups of people DO NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK #ADOS.



I keep hopng to hear the 45 plane has crash and ALL on board bathed in fire were lost…THAT would be making AmeriKKKa super great AGAIN. “They” Gotta kill that orange Mf off some how and frankly ALL his kids (Barron included) can die slow and hard.


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