Jew Time Zone

How many times do we have to hear Jews cry about the fucking Holocaust? This race of people or #GutterReligion people however you want to call them, cries every fucking year (sometimes ALL Year long) about their holocaust & they get billions of reparations from Germany and the US but yet they don’t want blacks up team their reparations?

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I do know why Germany turned against the jew but that’s lost in history somewhere, the only thing we hear about the Jews is that fucking 6 million loss…well documented Africans that were thrown over like in Armistad were 118+ million “Lost”. Those are just the ones that were documented as a loss of revenue because of illness.

It’s clear that Israel is America’s pimp & it’s been Pimpin this bitch for well over 80 years and will continue to pimp this bitch until the army of #ADOS rises and TAKE (We not asking y’all for 💩) what’s “OURS”.