Fuck Sticky Ypsi Dispensary

That’s Foul and Unacceptable @stickyypsi. Now you gotta go one that underground list of dispensaries (along with Depot Town Dispensary) that refuses to honor the prices on your website (screen shot like a MF) or even offer me a few MF’in roll ups? I bet y’all didn’t fuck people that look like y’all outta “Their” points. I SHOULD HAVR BEEN COMPENSATED!!! Ok Fam it’s bad enough this place won’t even hire people that look like me ( I’ve tried twice) but fucking me out of Earned point and not honoring that $6 Kief? They fucked up. #KlanOwnedDispensary MF just fucked me outta my MF point in my face y’all. Now? They are on my shit list. Watch me now… (at Paraphernalia Palace)