#BlackSuicide is it the answer?

To date I have lost 1 friend and 2 somewhat close associates to suicide. Suicide first touched my life in the mid 80’s during the roaring crack epidemic; but don’t get it twisted just because I was in the suburbs at the time that evil white rock ruined so many lives in its wake.

It was the selling of crack cocaine that got my friend in too deep to the tune he shot a cop and saw no other way out but to blow his head off, I admit it fucked me up big time because that has never happen to someone close to me.

The 2nd suicide that hot too close to home occurred all over a fucking bitch! All this pussy out here and this MF (Who I also won’t name) only wanted to be with this one dame that if you ask me? She was a 4 with NO tits or ass, hell I would have bought the MF some ongoing pussy long enough to pull him out of that 🐃💩 dive…But no…he too blew his head clean off but with a 12ga. Shotgun (Yeah it was a closed casket all day)

But the 3rd suicide was mainly caused by lying police and a very over zealous Ann Arbor DA (Brian Mackie) & his fat assed thinning blond haired assistant DA (Brenda Taylor). They are only concerned about winning NOT THE TRUTH and because of that the young man that I’m talking about couldn’t find work or a place to legally live after being labeled a fucking FELON!!! He hung himself.

It’s this case that keeps me up at night because I too have been ruined by a lying uncle that used the Washtenaw county sheriff department to manufacture a bold face lie and with that I’ve been in the fuckin crosshairs of this Police Department and rouge officers within it.

Because it was so easy for them to lying to ruin my life to fast pace their careers I have taught myself to laugh loud and hard every fucking time one of them of their family members are killed.

214,000 Police in this country and you have violated, falsely imprisoned & killed a large portion of the population of people of color.