Westland P.D. Tase Black father holding 3 month old baby. What should be done to these jack boot Nazis?

It was just a matter of time before these #SlaveCatchers in #Michississippi to start acting out on #Blacks like all over this ass backwards nigger hating country.

We Are At War!!!

If you can’t target the Nazis that harmed you & yours then turn to a better tactic…Collateral damage, Their families are the ultimate #SoftTarget.

Since “Our” very young & old are fair game then so should theirs be, where ever they My be (Old folks homes, preschool, Yoga studios Etc.)

My Black & Brown people please be aware that the #NiggerCoonCop is the most dangerous and unloyal. DO NOT try and befriend these vermin by any means or you will regret it.