Playing Games with Kids is a far cry from all the wrongs Police all over this stolen nation have done and in many places still continues to do to Us.

Games of B ball is a small step to the many that corrupt organization need to take to

A. Stop shopping to lay cases on blacks , rendering them unemployable.

B. Install a real “Felony Removal Program” if those people with multiple felonies keep out of trouble at a 3 year mark.

C. Stop investigating them selves and hand that responsibility over to a civil (No Police background) organization with TEAL teeth.

D. Pull the claws from the Federation of police and ALL unions.

E. Pull that magic protecting of not being sued for wrong doings.

Start there Then and ONLY Then “We” as a people “that’s had their foot up our asses since they were #SlaveCatchers” can take this Law Enforcement agency seriously.