To: ALL POLICE “Too many of (Us) have either been killed or lives/careers ruined because of racist & Coonery Bufoonery Cops” FUCK YOU ALL!!!

There no coming back for any type of forgiveness when it comes to the Justice system and the longer they continue to abuse “mainly blacks” out Hate is just festering & soon a larger number of blacks, Browns, Muslims, Native Americans (what’s left) & Asians will heed the message and aim for heir real enemies…NOT each other.

I am hoping Trump dies in a plane crash or is poisoned in North Korea 🇰🇵…THAT in itself would “Make The world Great Again”. Then we can pick off his racist followers by the boat load.

Nah, I can’t forgive a foul organization that started out as slave catchers and morphed into what we call the police….carry the same racist outlook on blacks.

Tic-Toc AmeriKKKa your on barrowed time ya GD land stealing cunt!!!


Fuck this low down double standard white privileged nigger hating country!!!