We need the B.L.A. Today!!!

when you don’t have anything to lose because they took it all with lies, changing rules on the fly & Coonery Bufoonery 🐃💩? I should be feared. They are making more and more of people that hate this double standard and the status quo. I’m sure someone told Washington the same thing about the British but HE (like me) was full of determination to see a real change. Even if the parents, nieces, nephews, aunts , uncles and small children of foul cops, Judges, DA’s, Assistant DA’s plus clerks MUST be neutralized at all cost.

This government can keep all my MF tweets, God Damn it I played by all the fucking rules only to be brought down by a cooning Bitchboy uncle and a ever so eager police department to make a 🐃💩 case and take my career, child & marriage? Yeah ISIS should be the least of the governments problems….YOU ARE MAKING MILLIONS HATE YOU BY YOUR RACIST LAWS & ACTIONS.

And trust me when I say this…I “Use” to love this country but after ALL the railroading I have been through with pig after pig placing their pink hand on a Meaningless bible…all in the plan to up their career and steal everything. I kept clear of any from gangs, stealing, robbing or fraud to obtain what I had & Poof! All GONE.

So listen since you hate me and my skin I hate you stolen land which really should be called “The Un-United States Of Racist & Double Standards.




#FuckTrump & his rentable Whore wife.