Aim @ Your REAL Enemies…NOT EACH OTHER!!!

Trump needs to go. All the racist need to go. Police need to be held accountable and stop this killing of our unarmed men, women and children. Or else THEIRS will be fair play. I have seen what a lot of Felons like me that have been lied on and lives ruined are stock piling. Funny thing is…a felon has a easier time finding ANY KIND of weapon, C4 even grenades. They are either making it unable to be hired because of their Fuckery felonies or flat out killing us. And now? They are killing poor white People they consider “Poor white trash” but the funny thing is a white person that had lost a loved one to a cop is fast to shoot a cop…I’m just waiting with bells on when the sporadic killing starts and DOESNT STOP TIL THEY SAY THEY WILL CHANGE…And wiping my record clean of 🐃💩 convictions would be my first demand, my 2nd? Fuck paying their taxes, let the 1% flip that bill from now on.