Crypto currency is Black Americans way to financial fairness.

I was locked up when bitcoin dropped and I missed the wave to financial stability, gotta thank my Bitchboy uncle for that.

This Nigger coon has his nose so far up Washtenaw County Sheriff ass that I am starting to think he enjoys tearing down his own, so he readily serves them up to this Coonery Bufoonery Nigger

Don’t get it twisted…just because their is a (Nigger) Police Chump in Office NOTHING CHANGES!!! You will be handed a 🐃💩 sentence for a non crime all in the name of “Law & Order”.

Sentenced by a Simp

Would you believe this MF here USE to be a good lawyer for the people until the powers that be offered the clown so much money to become a puppet judge to further oppress people of color. J. Cedric Simpson is just that a Simp.

So people of color crypto funds are the new way for US to keep THEM totally out of our MF lives.

All 3 of these weak links get the Uncle Rutkus award 🥇