Time for entire Justice system to be rewritten ASAP. The time of railroading Blacks & Browns has run its course. #SlaveCatcher aka #ModernPolice & #TheirSystem

It’s happen again ladies & gentlemen, in Texas. No need to analyze the why just the facts that society it tired of this juggernaut entity we call the Justice system; where it’s mainly Just-Us being targeted.

As I have said before I used to look up to the police until they allowed my uncle to use them as the dumb tools they are to RUIN MY LIFE. So FUCK’EM.

When you have to sweat on a meaningless bible them lie for a conviction THAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU HONORABLE.

I’ve now seen videos of this very same organization beating and sometimes killing white people…you and I both know Whites will not stand by idle when a loved one is harmed by police, maybe it has something to do with this ever so present #WhitePrivilege being called out for what it really is…🐃💩.

The Black spending power that we as a people hold is the sure key to obtaining and controlling OUR OWN communities, NOT Racist MF’s that live four counties over; FUCK THAT!