Unattractive & Ok with it.

Its a sure fact that beautiful/attractive have more friends, better careers and a stable Chi. So, when I hear people telling family “He’s Handsome” I know it’s a bold face lie they are telling.

I know what I am and I know what I AM NOT and to be labeled something that I & society know is fat from he truth needs to stop.

These days when it’s said to me I laugh hilariously making it a point that I’m calling whomever out on that 🐃💩 comment.

This was my mother. I didn’t get the green eyes or the cherished High Yella skin; it’s fair to say I was ripped off. But then again my mothers family should have made to stay true to the skin code, but nooooooo….this high yella heifer goes off to Talledega college (with the paper bag admission testing) hot in the pants and gets knocked up by some dark ass country bumpkin that was Blindsided with a high yellow female…with green eyes.

What mother makes a life altering statement to their then 9 year old (Dark)son?

“You should have your nose narrowed when you are older”

We’ll I’ll be damn the bitch didn’t even love what came out of her own twat. And it shows in my actions (or lack there of) with people in general.

As Ice Cube once said My Skin Is My Sin

But do we keep pushing or cop a MWOK (My Way Out Kit) consisting of 1 fifth of Jack Daniels, Terazzadone & 1 shotgun shell?