#WhoAmI? Or #WhatAmI?

I am a #AfroTechGeek & a merchant just trying to earn a legal living. I say what I mean and I mean what the fuck I say. The most dangerous type of person is a jealous one and I learned that the hard way.

Coonery & Bufoonery within a black family destroyed my family and my future. All because of a petty #Bitchboy informant Ex uncle (Robert C. Mealing Jr. aka Bobby Coon Mealing).

This is how my Ex uncle is cut…like a straight BITCH. Sent his only son to the pen for a $3200 payout…..But the bitch MF still lost the house my mother (his sister) sold him for next to nothing.

Since 2000 the MF has been trying to have me killed, by first dropping a dime on a family member selling weed and saying I made the call. Luckily that family member knows just how #AntiSnitching and very untrusting of any law enforcement agency I am.

So, when that didn’t work the coon used the local police to label me a dangerous person and with that Washtenaw County Sheriff put this Nigger Coon cop named Sgt. William “Dick Sucker” Kelly to conjure up a bold faced lie that I racked a round in my LEGAL shotgun and pointed it him.

I respected ALL police until I watch with my own eye each one put their hand on a meaningless bible and lie on me taking my Career, the only child I had and now the willing to go on, yes I’m on barrowed time and the shoe has already dropped.

The real fucked up thing about all this? I played by the rules…I didn’t run with gangs, steal or rob people but the day my mother brought me home her 16 year old brother hatched a plot to ruin me.

Y’all know the scary part? If I were white and so much was unlawfully taken from me as fast as it has? I would have drawn up and acted on a hit list.

But I just want to be left TF alone NOW. By the Cops, by Bobby the bitch & and his Trinidadian Bush bitch catalog ordered wife and anchor babies.

Bobby & Washtenaw Sheriff You’ve won! Now LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!