From: Top Notch Lawyers (for the people) To: Coonery Bufoonery Judge & Uncle Tom Lawyers

J. Cedric Simpson

used to be a “People’s Lawyer” but when he because too successful getting people (most likely overcharged, lied on & set up) off the powers that Be is Washtenaw(wash-away) County made him a Judge. This MF sat on that bench and Boo Koo clowned 🤡 on people of color all for the chuckles of his white subordinates.

But look at him now…

He get that #NiggerWakeupCall

Wright W. Blake

AVOID THIS COON!!! He won’t show up for your court dates, he’s easily intimidated by Washtenaw county officials and he’s disrespectful to elderly women (Yea Blake I heard about that all the way in prison) Over priced a total sellout. #KarmaComesIn3’s #HighYellaCoon

Paid 10k for this MF not to show? Nah Bruh #YouAreFoul asf

Byron H. Pitts

This MF will NEVER be like his Daddy, also easily intimidated by Washtenaw Officials. He didn’t get as far as Blake because of his darker complexion. It’s nice to see that the hierarchy of color is alive and well in the black community even in the community of lawyers. #FuckYouByron Basically this MF is #CooningForCorvettes

(This next bitch is something else and it’s no wonder her African husband just used her long enough to gain HIS education and pass the Bar exam.)

Robyn L. McCoy

Arrogant Cunt with too much empathy and sympathy for the soon to be ex-wife. She will NEVER be a honorable Lawyer like to Daddy. #ByeBitch

So, what are we supposed to do? It’s like we have no protection at all. All these Coonery Bufoonery niggas above a #BloodSuckers Nothing more than a #Leech. Parasites on our society.