Felony Free Whites buy guns for Black/Brown Felons for home protection.

That best way to control and over run a specific race of people is you take away their ability to protect their family. Pussy cops call these type of buyer “Straw buyers” I call them a necessity in the on going slaughter of people of color.

But wait! Law enforcement has started killing #PoorWhites they deemed #PoorWhiteTrash; so If a sporadic sniping campaign starts popping off Corrupt DA’s, Judges and of course their front line pawns “Cops”, it will be the caucasian race to start that type of campaign and maintain so much pressure that the way DA’s, Judges and more importantly Police will be forced to TOTALLY CHANGE the unjustified ways of fucking up countless lives of the Black & Brown population. (This info is the known plan of that white gang called 211)