Don’t EVER FORGET, the economic relief given to poor whites differed from the economic relief given to poor blacks in this country. The economic relief given to poor whites economically empowered them, helped pulled them up to middle class and higher. Black Americans for the most part were denied those programs PURPOSELY by white supremacists in positions of power within the government. Food and cheap RENT will NEVER economically empower people the way cheap(practically free) land, low interest loans for OWNING homes and educational opportunities can.

Throughout AmeriKKKan history the exclusion of black Americans from economically uplifting programs has been facilitated by CONSERVATIVES. From Andrew Johnson in the 1860’s who repealed 40 acres and a mule yet continued the Homestead Act to the majority of black Americans being exempt from The New Deal economic relief of the 1930’s to FHA low interest loans from 1934 to 1962- 98% went to white Americans(120 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH, which was also used from the tax dollars of hard working black Americans) to tge GI Bill that disproportionately was used by white Americans, conservatives have found ways to economically uplift white Americans while economically stagnating black Americans.

Today, black Americans own near the same percentage of the wealth in this country as they did in the 1860’s. I can’t help but think if this was the case for white Americans, the government would be finding EVERY WAY POSSIBLE TO ECONOMICALLY UPLIFT WHITE AMERICANS……but they don’t. In fact, better economic opportunities are given to immigrants in this country than black Americans. It’s shameful, disgusting and proof white Americans and the government fear the economic empowerment of black Americans.

But another point I’m trying to make with pointing out the differences between the economic opportunities given to black and white Americans is the disparities in wealth is NO ACCIDENT!!!! It is NOTHING black Americans have done wrong to create the the dismal percentage of the wealth they own in this country. It was created by white supremacists over generations and centuries in this country. To the contrary, black Americans have prospered in every area of American life since the end of slavery. Black Americans are the ultimate example of hard work, perseverance, success and survival in a country that has done everything in it’s power to restrict their economic success.