Why Do Police Handcuff People “AFTER” shooting them?

Handcuff all downed suspects.

Some officers might feel that it is not nice to handcuff suspects that have been shot, and others might believe that it is unnecessary to cuff all suspects because some are “obviously” dead. Counted among the suspects shot during incidents that officers reported during the VALOR interviews were some who appeared to be dead—for example, from multiple rifle rounds to the head—but who were still alive. As noted in the introduction, some human beings have a remarkable capacity to survive gunshot wounds. Fortunately, none of the thoughtdead offenders managed to injure any officers interviewed, but the fact that they were still alive meant that they maintained the capacity to do so. The capacity of downed suspects is hindered substantially when they are cuffed. No matter how severely injured they might be, therefore,

all downed suspects should be handcuffed.

I have always thought and still do they cuff you to accelerate you bleeding out.

I’ve heard a bigot pig say once “It’s easier to do battle with a dead suspects family that’s been neutralized by us than it is to go heads up with a survivor.

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