Ghost Voices of Prison

I got a letter from an old cell mate today. Big Bubba has died at age 65 because a diabetic complications (That’s highly Accelerated by MDOC). #RestInPowerKing

Dre also said the bed bugs are totally insane and are now immune to whatever the prison pest controllers are spraying on them. Hell I know he’s not lying because my back and arms are scared TF up from the bed bugs I had to endure for 3 years.

What’s really troublesome is the CO’s (Correction Officers) are still keeping the place in a “all the time” hostel environment creating a gladiator games, pitting inmate against inmate & betting on it. See, when a large portion of black & brown males are considered “Just Numbers” and staff is fill allowed to act this way unchecked; it’ll be the chickens coming home to roost…Like it’s doing in today’s High Schools all across this #AssBackwards #GreatDoubleStandard nigger hating country.

And before you butthurt MF’s say something stupid like go back to Africa? When you re-inhabit the cave of the caucus mountains I’ll do just that.


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