We knew the Austin bomber was white when…

When it was announced that the “Austin Bomber” blew himself up but NO picture was immediately shown. This is why I having a pure disliking to the “#Jewdia” (Jew Owned media outlets).

I remember hearing how Jews marched with blacks during the MLK era, but nothing like that is happening today. How can a peaceful protesting organization like Black Lives Matter be instantly labeled a #RagTagDomesticTerrorGroup yet the “Alt-Right” is not only granted legitimacy but jobs within the White House? Why is all this jumping off NOW?

Who the hell gave this MF so much power? We did. Now the juggernaut company is able to alter elections just by shuffling post here & there to a waiting audience. Yes, I have invested in Fascist Book but at what cost? Can nothing short of assassination stop this weasel faced fuck? And what was all this Chris crossing the country with these silly meet & greets? I know this MF isn’t thinking about running for a higher office. No Mark just keep your nerdy ass away from public off, continue to be that MF under the curtain like in the Whizard of Oz. Rich punk pussy MF’s like you never gets what due to them.

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