The People that donate to crowdfunding deliberately steer clear of Blacks & Browns Projects.


I have tried to raise fund for a storefront using this method and it went absolutely NOWHERE. But before there was crowdfunding I asked for assistance from the small business association and they just spun me.

Trying to rent a storefront from these Arab building owners is a crap shoot and more than likely highly inflated rent. I know I wanted to open a store but at that rate it would only be a dream if I followed these 🐃💩 candy coated avenues that went nowhere fast, leaving me drained mentally, emotionally and sometimes monetary.

I had to think way outside the box if I was going to start a small smoke shop with this looming medical marijuana legislation about to pass; Gibraltar trade center was within reach so I went to every park if it had a big function or not and collected EVERY bottle & can left behind. Yes! I went through trash cans (those are gold mines in disguise) with bug spray in hand & my eppie pen ready.

From July 2008 til November 2008 I had obtained a little over 7500 cans & bottles…So with that and the little savings I had it was more than enough for a booth Piaf in full for 4 months and buy a smoke shop starter pallet and I was off to the races.

Then my bitchmade uncle did what he did and y’all know the rest. That is……If you really KNOW me. I’m going to get this legal money GD. Or die trying.


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