FUCK YOU Tony Scott (Ex-Cousin)

Just wanna say FUCK YOU Tony!

FUCK YOU for taking advantage of my easily warped minded mother.

FUCK YOU for playing house with your 1st cousin (my mother), totally fucking up my perception of what a REAL family consists of.

FUCK YOU dipping out after the damage was done. Now you got yourself a wildebeest fat white wife and a couple swirly kids. FUCK YOU COONERY BUFOONERY NIGGA!!!

I’ve NEVER had the urge or desire for EVER fuck any of my cousins. But you? Nigga you foul as fuck and I AM NOT HIDING YOUR LACE FILLED 🐃💩 SECRETS.

I’m sure your children (Chris Scott & Sarah Scott) would be interested in just how foul their (gotta be around & under whiteys) father REALLY was back in the day.

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