Dear Coonery Bufoonery Negros

Some of you that “think” have made it only because your gainfully employed, got the house & cars and are accepted in otherwise closed social circles; are (in reality) just 1 accusation away from losing it all.

Y’all remember Kwame Kilpatrick? Brought down by a MF pager text…A TEXT! And “They” were oh so happy to investigate further, Got’em 4 lying about some pussy 🥠.

The worse type of Coonery Negros that think they are better than the rest and know (not think) Big know they’ve made it are: ANYONE working within the entire law enforcement complex…IDGAF if you only mopping floors your a coon that has looked down on ppl like me, until it happen to you or yours.

Some of the worse perceptions black have in Washtenaw county is because we now have a black police chief heading Washtenaw County Sheriff Department that things are better…THAT’S 🐃💩!!! Jerry Clayton is no different than James Craig. They BOTH can suck my dick from the BACK!


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