A Society’s Denials

They say that everyone deserves a 2nd chance, to make a better life for you & yours. But what if the cards are deliberately stacked against you; so much so that one might do something drastic?

I wanna say a BIG FUCK YOU to the businesses both large & small that have installed bogus policies barring people with records from earning a “#LegalLiving”. Because you know the most valuable type of employee there are? Felons, Ex-Con’s & us cast always, WE’d be your most loyal & valuable employee. Wanna know why? Because if one company or even a small mom & pop shop takes that chance to employ a cast away they would be surprised but NOT in a bad way.

So fuck you and how dare you deny a (most the time) wrongly convicted Black or Brown from earning a Legal Living. The chickens are going to con home to roost of this practice is allowed to stay in place. But DONT take MY words, I’m just another dumb dark nigger that’s of no use to this society.

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