The Bogus Hiring Practices Of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries IS real.

In 2008 when we voted to legalize medical marijuana I had hoped to be either a bud tender or some other sort of marijuana consultant. From 2009 to 2011 I applied to every Dispensary I could find in the #Ypsilanti #AnnArbor area, but I was given so many spins that the writing on the wall was becoming very clear.

So, I and many other friends of color are seeing and thinking the same damn thing…Which is…

Mr & Mrs Negro consumers,

“You’re oh so welcome to come buy as much weed as you please but don’t ask to work here”

Hell, one place in Depot Town even asked if I had mutha fuckin experience….EXPERIENCE!!! It’s a NEW INDUSTRY in the state of Michigan ya racist pale faced MF.

So now that I am seeing some but not that many blacks (fair skinny blacks) are working in some area dispensaries, but they are NEVER of the darker shade like I; Big I’ll still do business with these dispensaries because at least they have someone in there with black DNA able to pay his/her bill in this new budding industry.

But I still find it piss poor that many local dispensaries are still willing to take our money but never offer a #TimeCard.


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